Michele Atkins


Michele Atkins

Michele is interested in finding the story behind the visuals she films. She uses photography to connect and relate to subjects. She draws out a special look or specific movement, which makes all the difference in the creation of a beautiful piece work; creating a moment and telling a meaningful story. Her goal is to anticipate that decisive moment and catch it on film. She feels in just a sliver of time something remarkable can be born.

The passion for television and film has been with Michele since she was a kid in Buffalo, New York. She was the girl who stayed in the house watching oldies and "directing and acting" in her own TV series in the basement, while others opted for kickball.

Her real career started in the newsroom at WGRZ, Channel 2, a local television station working as a production assistant when she was a teenager. Soon after, she graduated university with a degree in documentary studies and worked as a union lighting and camera operator for public access television as well as news and sports.

She directs, shoots, writes and edits.  "Therapy Dog" for Gundersen Health was picked as Top Spot by Shoot Magazine in 2015. 

She won the 2016 Academy of Motion Picture Nicholl Fellowship for her screenplay "Talking About The Sky." 

Please visit her director's reel by choosing the "commercial" button on the nav bar in the site.

Michele Atkins